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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

You want to go to Paris? or to London? or to Hongkong? and fly with business class? around the world in 80 days? and get travel package up to $ 100,000? and fly business class? is it possible? it is very possible, and very easy to do.

Around the world without any cost, and do whatever you want to do to live without limits, to live borderless. all your dreams you can achieve here. just by saying your dreams, will help you to make it happen. without spending any of your money, you have the opportunity to travel the world in 80 days.

Only by promoting your video or your writing quality, you have chance to win a prize package of travel and $ 100,000 for making your life without limits.

This is contest from LG with total prize up to $ 100.000 for around the world.

Video sample for the contest :

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4 Responses to Free Around The World In 80 Days

  1. nice posting........

  2. Rock Says:
  3. Waduhhh... koq pake bahasa inggris nich???

  4. LL Says:
  5. Komentar apa ya??? "Nice post" aja deh... hahaha...

    (Maklum sob, ga bisa bahasa inggris... itu aja ngapalinnya 3 bulan... hahaha...)

  6. Jaka Utama Says:
  7. wah enak tuh bisa kliling dunia


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